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Thread: Derby Decorations

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    Derby Decorations

    I never see the derby decorations (horse trough, dog pool, carrot fences, flags, etc) as horseshoe prizes anymore. It would be nice to see those appear again or appear more frequently if they're low-odds items. I've been trying to get these for so long and it seems like SC took them out of the prize pool.

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    I have the carrot fence deco in the second horseshoe this week. I used to play derby in champion league and haven't seen one deco in months! Now I play alone in low leagues and seem to get 1 deco almost every week.

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    Me too don't receve new decoration, they are always the same

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    My neighborhood has also only received basic (gnome, scratching post) decorations or none at all for the month or two. We’re trying hard but get only boring rewards. Please check

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    I have just popped on because of the same thing. Same gnomes every week despite reshuffles. Where are the other decos? Getting really fed up with Gnomes and the odd carrot fence coming in.

    I really want the little red pump, or the mine deco or just anything different from the damn gnomes!!!
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