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Thread: New game realm for max TH13?

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    New game realm for max TH13?

    What if there was a portal to a new realm of the game that could only be unlocked once you max out TH 13? (I like the idea of crossing the River Styx...) You would start off with your current base, but have all kinds of new stuff to add on, but can only use in that realm. Everything in your home base remains the same, and you can still war and farm for loot with your home base and that loot can be used to upgrade in the new realm. Rather than just sitting on tons of loot waiting for the next level that also creates greater separation between new and old players. This would give everyone that plays something cool and exciting to play towards. Maybe this could also be a way to revamp Legends League...

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    Nice idea it will make the game more interesting but it will be little complex

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    In some Hadrons like Kaons, strange D mesons, and other such Strange Particles.
    SC is not interested in adding a 3rd village or any type of such thing, unless absolutely necessary.

    If 3rd village is just a time killer its not worth putting efforts and resources in its development.

    Also if your only motive is to dump excess loot - you might just leave your storages at a corner undefended - that way others also benefit.
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    And then when an update drops, and you’re no longer maxed, such was the case for me with the last update, I lose all the new features? This idea isn’t it well thought out for a game where level increases are added on a regular basis and progression, not completion, is the goal.

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