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    Between friends chat?? Please make a response

    I generally have friends wich are in another clan, i can't talk with them using clan chat so it's not good, clan which are close sometimes requesting friends to give me invite, i can't say it as tbere is no chats option between friends, only option remains that make a clan with name "invite me", it doesn't looks good and 40k gold goes waste, can there be a chat between friends 😔😢
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    Is this chat form a private one? If yes then it's ruled out.

    If you have a need of this then you can talk with your friends on Discord or WhatsApp or messenger. It's actually better to talk on this as it's not possible in game, and thus you will also get some privacy that you need.
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    These chat forms are ruled out and will not be implemented much for the same reasons global was removed in the first place.

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