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Thread: QOL Clan Desc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MandoCoC View Post
    +1 to this
    what you are suggesting works in the clan chat, but not in description
    Read my previous comment^.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamBh22 View Post
    Great idea, also should put this for sending out clan mail
    Read my previous comment^.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arijitkoner98 View Post
    Agree with you 100%. Even in clan mail(which the leader/coleaders can send), you have to backspace everything to go to the part where to edit. It's really annoying.
    Read my previous comment^.

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    Dude, we are just saying we like the idea.

    Now your the only one allowed to say stuff?

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    Big yes from me. Need this in the game, especially when sending clan mail.

    As for downloading an online keyboard, not everyone wants to do that. This would be a big QOL change, and there should be no need to find something online that really should already be in the game.

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