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Thread: Obstacle removal needs a discount

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    Quote Originally Posted by chilepepper101 View Post
    this is not excessive at all.

    i could clean a full base full of obstacles when im down to dirt poor
    Hmm. Ok. I disagree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DARKSIDESCHWARTZ View Post
    Its irrelevant, as I didnt include funding from pumps/mines from the home base as well. You get 288,000 from pumps in BB when theyre maxed. Even if it makes a difference, it won't be much. The costs are too much from a base that limits raid income. The big Grove is double from the most expensive bush in the home base and you can raid endlessly there. I never change my base, but when youre coming up in the ranks, you have to. 20k for a stupid bush is ridiculous if you're only making 300-400k per day. Im max with only walls left, and I got there by ignoring obstacles except when absolutely necessary.
    Once you have 2 groves spawned on the fringe, just ignore them. You'll never have more than 2 & if they're on the fringe, you'll never have design issues ever again.

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