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What I would like to know how it looks to be a moderator so I thought of a contract for being a moderator for a day. and only one day. You will not be able to do this again. You must also have 150 post and 30 reputation points to be a moderator for one day. You will not do stuff as a moderator but you will see what they do.
I really cant see how 150 posts equal being allowed to be a mod for a day or 50 reputation points either neither is really a good baroneter to be measured on thats like those clans that say donate 1000 troops for co leader in my opinion co leader should be based on trust and time in the clan and to a point that could apply to mod for a day as well say be a active member for a year and no warnings received might be a better way to do it .of course i have read ajaxs response so its not going to happen but just wanted to offer my little opinion