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Thread: Clan just for cwl

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    Clan just for cwl

    Max th10
    Name - ToRQUE

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    I am very interested to have you in my clan, Bunny Plague. We're a mixed war-farming clan, and we have players of different town hall levels. I'm just coming out of a 2 year retirement so I'm building this clan by recruiting some active members who can help build this clan towards a more war-ish clan. I would appreciate if you could drop by and check us out! Here's our details!

    Bunny Plague

    Clan Tag: #YGGCPRR
    Clan Level: 16
    Clan Type: Mixed Clan (back to back)
    War Wins: 359
    Leader: Raushen Rao

    So i took a 2 year hiatus from Clash of Clans and I'm back now to rebuild my clan. The past two years this clan has been missing a new form of leadership, in my absence many people have came and left. The true essence of this mixed clan has been lost with more farming and inactive members. Hence, I am now recruiting TH9 and above members with a decent base and decent level heroes, and experience in the game to help me rebuild this clan. We will be in contact via Whatsapp/Instagram to discuss further, but join the clan to learn more. Immediate promotions might be valid for any serious members! Let's rebuild this 7 year clan!

    Who are we?
    Our clan started out in December 2014 and we consider everyone a part of our Clash of Clans family! A lively atmosphere with effective clan wars, we truly enjoy the strategy part of the game and attempt to educate each other on attack strategies and defenses. We want you to use 3-star tactics. You will never be kicked for bad war attacks as long as you are willing to improve and take advice.

    Who are we looking for?

    TH7s and above are gladly welcomed! Recruiting 3 star specialists.
    Also looking to merge with smaller clans.
    Rushed bases are not welcomed.

    Members must be focused on maxing on offence and learning how to execute 3-star strategies.
    To apply, use the code word 'forum'.

    Rules & Guidelines:

    War: We war three-times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
    Participation in war is not mandatory. In event you are unable to attack, please let a Co-Leader know ASAP.

    Donations: It is expected of all our members to at least have a 2:1 donation-request ratio. Fill any open requests before making your own. Troop requests MUST be filled accurately (don’t waste their time). Co-Leaders will keep track donations.

    How to get promoted?
    Promotions are done on a seasonal/monthly basis. All members start with a clean slate every month.
    Donations made during previous cycles are not taken into consideration.

    Elder requirements:
    Donations: 500 per season.
    War Participation: Must participate in AT LEAST 6 wars per season.
    You must be consistently active, helpful during wars and an overall fantastic member.

    Co-Leader Requirements:
    Donations: 2000 per season.
    War Participation: Ditto, same as elder.
    You must earn the leaders and CO's trust & have held the Elder position for a minimum of three months.

    Feel free to come by and check us out.
    We have a great, fun group of members and I consider most friends.
    We hope to see you soon!

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    Lvl 6 highly active active clan with donation looking for active War,Cwl and Clan games player. Very friendly clan, you will be welcomed, we have th12 and lower clan tag #RQ8P8QP8

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    Senior Member
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    Jun 2020
    Oregon USA
    Glide Clash
    CWL for TH10+
    (Currently open via invite only)
    Open to the public during the week of Clan Games & via invite only the rest of the month, TH10+ during the week of CWL & TH6+ the rest of the month.
    We max our Clan Games, do Clan wars at least once or twice a week. We’re active, international & English speaking.

    Come, join us!

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