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    Quote Originally Posted by dpgza View Post
    I respect your opinion, everyone has its own way of seeing things. I juat hate it when companies resort to things like this.

    The same as Mercedes making a model for 1000 , after same model is applied an ever running screen on board with comercials and asking 950 instead. If it was an upgrade id understand the extra money. But its not an upgrade it just an annoying feature for most.

    Maybe im wrong but i just see it as a lack of fair play. I just see it as gimping the tablet on purpose to ask for extra money...wich i find it not right as a relation from the point of producer/consumer.
    You are looking at it as paying a premium for a no add experience. Instead look at it like a tablet costs x. You can get it for that price or you can get it for cheaper with adds. You pay the difference in costs by watching adds. So a discount for having adds, not a premium for not having them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fryingdutchman View Post
    I see that there's an "ad supported" version and a free version of this tablet. Does the ad supported version interfere in game while playing CoC? Does it play any ads at any stage of the game? Can someone tell me please?
    Also is the CoC game timely updated on the Amazon software too? Thanks.
    The adverts do not impact on the game or even the device i have amazon fire 8hd and its a great device i was like you i was worried about the adverts as amazon didnt make it clear what actually happens so i thought o no it will be like youtube vids and sponsered ads pop up etc but nope thankfully the ads only appear on the home screen when you first use the device .As for your clash update question the last update appeared on the amazon store roughly 2 hours after it had appeared on my apple store device so not really a issue
    yes my english writing skills are rubbish and lacks punctuation i am very well aware of this so please keep all comments and pm clash related all i want to do is chat not be reminded how poor my education is thanks

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