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Thread: Hero Cosmetics

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    Hero Cosmetics

    I think the seasonal skins are cool and should continue, but I think itíll be even cooler if you can customize the way your Heroes look with pieces of clothing which can be sold in a gem shop that refreshes daily or weekly. Like for example, head piece, torso, back (I.e cape/wings), legs, and weapon, each having their own slot for cosmetics and 1-3 outfit loadouts and getting more loadouts would cost gems like how we have the option to buy more base layouts. This can lead to loot boxes with random pieces of clothing for money or gems depending on how SuperCell is feeling. I think itíll make vets wanna invest a bit more money just to make their heroes look awesome. I would like to mix and match pieces of clothing from hero skins we already got, but since the season pass is only $5 I wouldnít think this is a great idea, but itíll be a great idea if SuperCell wants to give players more options for what they already have, so they can play around with customizing and saving loadouts.

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    Good idea👍.

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    I wouldnít mind if itís just cosmetics only or at least no special abilities is given. No disagreement on beautification of heroes.

    If Sc ever implements this then the cosmetics perhaps become buyable in the shop or gems. And I think you are right that there are many players who would try to make the look of their heroes unique.

    BTW, personally what I think is now the default skins of heroes are much more unique than the released ones and it so happened when past skins were released for gems and many F2P players buy it and thus the density of skin owners has increased. With your idea being implemented there might be a chance of uniqueness restored in the hero cosmetics.

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