I was actually told to post this here when I had told this to support, but didn't mess around with a forum before until now. Here it is
Royal Knight, knight, or the prince as a future hero-
The main idea is basically the same function and visual as the prince on clash royale. A favorite card of many. This could also be implemented as a hero idea also. Any good idea just starts with a spark. In clash there is no true knight, yet nearly everything else I'm the genre. You got a hog rider and you got a peeka that's about as close as it comes. Keep the idea of a prince function in your mind, it could be suitable similarly in clash as a regular troop, or even a hero. I would think a knight to be more Tanky than a hog rider but slower except for during it's primary charge(similar to the how the prince functions in royale) this would expand "hybrid" to new horizons. Maybe it wouldn't jump the walls but smash into them for higher dmg against walls, or maybe it does jump walls. Could go either way. Making it more versatile with other ground troops. I'll leave it to the masterminds to iron out the details. Stats, if it targets defenses, everything in between, because you can go so many ways with it. I'd rather leave that to the pros.