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    Quote Originally Posted by Therealkush View Post

    EXACTLY! +320/ -0 THE FIRST DAY, the end of the day, on multiple accounts �������� get lost with telling me they're not cheating somehow I've had over a year in legends not one day have I got no defenses.
    Most of us would have zero defences showing there most days in Legends. Note that is defences won not defences taken. The count shown there will be the number of zero star attacks on that player's base.

    Having said which, those numbers do look more like they haven't actually even taken any defences.

    There will always be a few where that happens, but the chances of them also being ones who have so many good attacks are pretty remote to say the least.

    The fact that you and I have never had a day without any defences doesn't really prove much, when there are several hundred thousand players in Legends. I've had days when I have only been attacked 4 times. I am quite sure that every day there are some who don't get attacked at all.

    PLEASE edit your image. Name & shame is not allowed here, so the names of the players should be blanked out there. Even though we all know which ones you are talking about just from where they are.
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    I am going to close this thread now, as it is off topic for Ideas & Feature Requetss.

    Please continue the discussion here

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