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    Thank the clash gods for rune of gold and book of building ,time to upgrade my mini into town hall 11

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    I'm satisfied with the rewards. Atleast they're better than getting nothing

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    It would be better if Book of Heroes would also be available in the rewards section.

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    Few more Hero or army potions would had been more useful in cwl.

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    Another book of buildings, seriously? We had 2 from previous to previous month. No book of troops from over 3 months ;__;

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    Oh yeah , bob will help in upgrade me last army camp
    Ifwould have upgraded it manually then it would not have completed before cwl
    Thank so much ☺️

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    Thx SC for the free stuff ��������
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    Thanks for the book of building. Really needed it.

    Well a Rune of elixir would be better for me as I wanted the warden to upgrade and finish with a book of heroes. Anyway, never mind, will be satisfied with what I am having.

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    Disappointed. Because I think its halloween and special rewards like rune of dark or elixir would come also book of hero. But none of that is included.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shivank380 View Post
    I'm satisfied with the rewards. Atleast they're better than getting nothing
    Exactly. Mostly I get gems but still I love to max out clan games

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