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Thread: Village lady crown is off head

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    Village lady crown is off head

    Go to war button, then select info button, you can see the helmet of the village lady who inform me every time about war, cut through her head

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    Game design bug

    There is something wrong with clan war info which explain how clan war works. What’s written isn’t actually wrong, but just look closely to the animation of the villager in that info. I been looking at it for sometimes now. It annoys me that the helmet doesn’t fit with the new animation of the villager. Thank you!
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    Little bug

    Found a bug where it looks like a barbarian helmet is on top of the helper lady in the information tab on the war screen before you start a new war. Kinda odd but hey it doesn’t stop the game!

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    Good news everyone,
    I have read the description of the upcoming update and it seems that SuperCell will be fixing this issue. Love you SuperCell for being attentive!!!!!

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