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@Ajax, @SharkyFinn, please help me understand:

When I toggle "Filter clan chat", the entirety of the current clan chat log is touched. This indicates to me that this option is a client-side option.

"Children accounts" are something the server can distinguish, according to your previous posts.

What is the rationale, then, for forcing the filter on the entire clan, if one player in the clan is under age? What was the design rationale for not locking the filter setting solely on the "child account"? Especially given the aggressiveness of the filter?

... and I fear I have an "unfortunate 'also'" ... My clan has started encountering this forced filter only recently - in the last few days. Can you confirm for us whether there have, or have not, been server-side changes, either in policy or implementation? The alternative, of course is "our clan has recently had a 'child account' join us". That is always possible.

But we cannot confirm this is the case through the client, as far as I know. If we CAN confirm this through the client, can you tell us how?
No, you can't confirm it through the client. But the fact it has started happening confirms it. I don't know why you think it is a client side option. It is set by the server, for the whole clan.

I'm not privy to the detail of Supercell's decision making, to know what the rationale is for making it clan-wide, rather than just censoring for the relevant player(s).