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    Quote Originally Posted by toofinedog View Post
    I'm unsure how you avoid the new SC ID. From what I can tell, it's not something you opt into, it's just there. Try using Arabic numerals or a mix of Arabic/Roman numerals depending on which labels are affected.
    From what I have found out, you don't need to change the name, avatar or access those features. You can still use SCID to login as you have been doing. It only prompts you if you click "connected" to go to your profile and friends list. It is a dirty way of still playing, but without fixing the underlying issue. I am ok with this for now as I seek out support.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thegreatpuma View Post
    Seeing as this thing seems very similar to the old Global Chat filter, they have probably revived that code. My guess is there is some subset of letters in the string "michaelscott" that is flagged as a bad word or similar enough to a bad word (in one of the languages used by COC) to be deemed unacceptable. This used to happen all the time in global where something innocuous was suddenly starred out.
    I am not sure what I say is accurate. It is what the in-game support has given me including the back and forth of inaccuracies that I have also tried to provide. But why repeat what they have to say? At least I am hopeful of some sort of resolution to the problem I and others are having. I am seeking out real answers, but it is like what Darian pointed out before closing the last thread, Dunning-Krugar effect in full swing on some of these threads.

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    Had the same problem. Some of my accounts are named after Transformer characters. Apparently 'Starscream' is offensive, but changing it to 'StarScream' is just fine. Go figure..

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