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    Lightbulb Goldpass with builderbase theme!

    I think its cool to add some more items to the golden pass needed in the buildersbase like ru´nes and more stuff for builderbase maybe a new skin for the hero and some new decorations for the buildersbase

    it makes the builderbase more fun cause now its so hard to get enough builder gold and builder elixer
    to upgrade new buildings and stuff

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    They have runes for Builder base pretty frequently.

    They have also said there are no current plans to create skins for the Battle Machine, though it may happen at some point in the future.

    There isn't really much else which is specific to Builder Base that could come in the Gold Pass (if they had any statue or similar, it would probably be in Silver pass, as the occasional statues for main base have been).

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    I honestly don't really care about builder base, but a skin for the BM might be cool. However, I think most players prefer the gold pass focus on main base progression.

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    I do think having a chance for more loot at BB would be good, but I also think there is enough BB items in GP already. There really are only 5 things to put there. Gold, Elixer, Rune of G, Rune of E, and CP potion. The more of these items, the less home base items. I think GP is already a GREAT value, so I wouldn't suggest adding more items to give more BB, and I wouldn't add more BB by reducing home village stuff. There isnt always BB loot in the free challenge section, but this time there was and it was definitely nice. Home village loot is easy enough to come by, so I'd always rather BB loot there, but not replacing magic items.

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