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Could someone explain to me the big deal here? Maybe even the purpose of the thread? Why would anyone be dissuaded from using SC ID because it “forces you against your will to pick an avatar?” That’s like kindergarten silly. Is it really that bad that you have a barb (or whatever) as your CoC avatar? Who is really thinking “ oh no! SC ID is forcing me to pick an avatar that has zero impact on anything in life or the game?” I’m honestly curious because, to me, it’s “who cares?” Pick a stupid avatar and go on playing as usual. Pixels. People are bashing SC ID because they have forced pixels on us. As another poster so aptly put it: oh the humanity! Lol. An avatar? How dare they?
You would look good with the default chicken avatar

Joking aside, the OP just posted to warm people that once you start the process there is no way back.
And yes, some people are very bothered by the choices, which baffles me as much as you. But hey I am baffled that people pay good money for a decoration or a skin as well, pixels mean more to some then to me.

The added value of the avatar to me is zilch, but I suppose it caters to some peoples wishes. Did set an avatar but cannot even remember what (or why). Age does that to people.