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    Personal Train Glitch

    Hi. It's been 4 days that my personal train keeps on resetting. Contacted the help center for few times and now they responded that unfortunately they cannot help me out with the problem. Anyone who had this issue before and fixed it?

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    Try releasing some townies.. you might have more than is allowed.

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    Yes, this glitch is caused IME by another glitch.

    The other glitch being that sometimes when you pick up townies, they don't get added to the count. So you can then pick up more than the remaining capacity in your town.

    When the train then returns, it will only let out the ones who fit, but is still carrying the others. Each time you go back to the town after that, it will try to let out the "extras", and if there is no space, just resets the time.

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    Omg! It works.. thank you so much

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