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Thread: QOL for base changing and 24hr cooldown

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    QOL for base changing and 24hr cooldown

    Probably asked for before.
    However trying to practice with clan mates.

    I accidentally dragged a building and actually this happens a lot with walls and it's now locked for a day.
    Whilst my fault, I actually don't want to change my base.
    Can we please have a lock option so this doesn't happen. This also happens and I don't see it, and by the looks of plenty of bases they don't either, and we end up with gaps in walls which lets the enemy in.
    Complete user fault I know, but such a minor thing carries a huge and unfair punishment.

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    The lock option has been requested for several years. Another option is that a single move could trigger a 24 hour timer, but not a lockout, then after something like 10 moves it triggers the 24 hour FC lock. That's also been requested for years ever since FC was added.

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    Im not too sure if lock is a FRI or Ruled Out idea....
    But assuming that it's not anyone of them ,I see value in locking the base layout.

    Basically due to this slight movement of any building mistakenly we are often penalised with FC challenge base layout for very good reason although it's annoying. As of right now, two solutions are found to be suggested every now and then. One is this lockout feature and the other one is triggering of cool down if and only if it exceeds a certain range of movements or a fixed percentage (a thread on this percentage issue is also active).

    I don't like the second one because it somehow leads to an exploitation and probably SC also doesn't want that to happen so it becomes an extreme unlikelihood, but I would agree on the lockout feature. Well I don't know what others consent will be but it's worthy of getting countenance imo ..........

    I do face the consequences of unintended movement of buildings like you said but still there may be defect in this idea but right now I can't think of any. But after all this seems good to me

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    I posted this same idea recently for the same reason. Unintentionally dragged a building when trying to adjust zoom, and it triggered a 24h lock even though I put it right back where it was immediately. This can ceratinly be improved with some kind of % change to trigger a lock, or as JohnnyPC said, based on number of moves. Either way, if you only move a few buildings as determined by # or % you are not changing your base enough to meaningfully get a war advantage and should not trigger the FC lock

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