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Thread: i'm looking for a clan!

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    you just wasted 2 seconds of your life reading this

    i'm looking for a clan!

    I do not need a clan anymore , please don't reply to this thread anymore
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    Hey it sounds like you would fit great in white temple! Click my sig pic for a link to our recruitment thread for more info!

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    Join ClashOfThunder

    Check out my new clan 'ClashOfThunder' we are trying to recruit members! We started today and already at 5000 cups! We would love you on board!

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    Smile Join Etnies! We are a great clan! Leader: Waffle Demon

    We are a fun clan with many donators

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    Thumbs Up Best choice

    Jumping eagle is recruiting

    lvl 35+ (soon chancing 40+)
    trophy 1000+
    troops 3+(soon chancing 4+)

    if something missing dont worry, you can still ask.

    You need only willing to donate. Elder is earned: stay week and donate 60. If want to keep elder donate 80/season.

    we are mixed all the way. Level 75-12, boys and girls, kids and adults, international (lot different time zone), farming/pushing.

    We have 14 members over lvl 50. We like to help lower levels to climb up because it all up to clan.

    This is not fast game you need to be patient.

    Bronze to silver, silver to gold, gold to crystal... Year 2015 Jumping eagle is in top10, maybe just because YOU are in it.

    Reply or pm, you are welcome to join

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    Join Farmers R Us very active clan and we donate high lvl troops I'm lvl 75 th8

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    You'd fit in great in our new clan Companionship. It's a brand new clan so we don't have a lot of members but we plan to grow and take over the charts

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    Come join the Ex Cinere family! We are now recruiting members to this soon to be great clan. We are at 30 members and climbing. We are requiring you to be a level 60+ active players with all level 6 walls. Come join this incredible clan! Tell them Elirt 2point0 sent you
    Elirt 2point0 - Town Hall 9 - Looking for a clan
    Ruled Out Ideas in the Stickys.

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    Builder hut

    Fire Shield
    "The Fire shall never cease"

    Who Are We and What Is Our Purpose?

    Fire Shield is a fairly new clan that was conceived on Friday the 13th of December. We have began on the principle that we wanted a mid- level, fun, active, and relaxed clan free of stress and drama that would house a friendly group of clashers from all over the world. We are a hybrid clan, with pushes every two months and farming in between. We encourage clan members to switch between the two regularly for variety.

    Who Is The Leader And How Will I Be led?

    Me and JamesPax5 are co leaders and lead the clan together, however the true leader is The Fire. The Fire is in all of our hearts and helps us make wise decisions in our hearts and choose the right paths to take and which bridges to cross or to burn. We lead this clan in a fair manner and we guarantee no favouritism.

    Why Should I Choose Fire Shield Over Other Clans?

    Well, we offer:
    -Donations filled in seconds, watch that green button!
    -Constant 24/7 chat from around the globe, there is always someone to talk to.
    -Great advice on both pushing and farming attack and defence strategies.
    -You get what you ask for, no more giants for defence!
    -Fun folks to chat to.
    -No drama.

    What Are The Clan Rules?

    -Don't be rude and treat others how you are expected.
    -Chat two hours per day, three if you want to be considered for elder.
    -Donate before a request.
    -Donate what is requested.
    -Don't swear excessively.
    -Chill, it's just a game.
    -Don't ask for elder.

    What Do You Expect From Me Then?

    -Level 40+.
    -At least level three troops.
    -Chat two hours per day.

    Awesome! How Can I Apply?

    Just fill in this form:

    Archer, Dragon, And Wizard Level:
    Hours Of Chat Per Day (Make An Estimate If Not Sure):

    Hope to see you soon!

    Hope you have a good day

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