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Thread: i'm looking for a clan!

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    Jan 2014
    I'm not looking for anyone's approval. I know who I am.
    Needles squad is always welcoming new members

    Be respect full and donate and you will recieve troops

    Needle mouse is leader

    Charizar is co leader

    Clash of Clans: Th lvl 9 | Current lvl: 100 (Start: 2013 November) (casual gamer)
    Clan: Southern Riders | Status: Closed
    Owner of the winged wolf idea, pantha and water snake. And all their abilities
    Clash Royale: Lvl 10 | Clan: Templar Knights

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    Hello Rens. Haha, you got me, I did waste those 2 seconds, but it made me smile so not a complete waste!

    Have a look at our thread. We may well be what you are looking for.

    Good Luck.

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    Check out Project: Helios, you would be welcome here.

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    Join Loot Harvest!

    Join Loot Harvest! I am clan leader. We have every troop including witch. Archers Healers and barbarians are maxed. Layed back clan that loves to have fun and enjoy the game. Join Loot Harvest!

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    Join Loot Harvest!

    First A Little About Loot Harvest

    • Loot Harvest is an active layed back clan
    • We have evry troop available and are willing to donate them
    • We have archers healers and barbarians maxed.
    • Must be level 40+ to join and need level 4 archers
    • You must be active and at least a silver 2
    • Have Fun

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    Je kunt steeds onze clan "Foursquare" joinen. Wij zijn een actieve clan van 15 members die steeds veel doneren en actief meedoen aan de war.

    Indien je interesse hebt stuur me dan een bericht!



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    Join mine clan Undeadsoldiers. I just started the clan and i need members.

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    you just wasted 2 seconds of your life reading this
    Quote Originally Posted by s4id1998 View Post
    Join mine clan Undeadsoldiers. I just started the clan and i need members.

    please don't reply to old threads, i've already found a good clan by now

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    we would love you to join us Farmers#Elite

    Quote Originally Posted by 001rens001 View Post
    first visit on this sub-forum

    alright i need a good clan that donates much, and i friendly

    i am an average donator (like 60 housing space a day) and not very high TH lv (6 close to 7)

    my IGN: dragon tamer

    if you're an elder/leader of i clan where i should fit, please let me know


    ps: i'm belgian if you want to know
    plz join us Farmers#Elite we are an active new clan willing to let you join! Check us out

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