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    Clash of Clans Fankit Update - October 19th, 2020

    Hey Clashers, Chiefs, and Talented Content Creators,

    Here is the updated Clash of Clans fankit (as of October 19th, 2020) for all of your content creation needs. We've added new images from Town Hall 13 and Builder Hall 9, including the Headhunter, Hog Glider, and Super Troops as well as images of the Siege Barracks and Hero Skins released so far. Also added were images of the various Magic Items that have been added to the game. If you notice anything is missing please do not hesitate to reach out to us and let us know.

    The link to the updated fankit can be found here.

    All images are in .PNG format with transparencies.

    When creating content, please read our Fan Content Policy for usage guidelines.

    All are in .PNG format with transparencies.
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    Thanks for the Fan-kit Update Darian. Glad to see the updated Fan-kit !

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    Thank you very much for the updated fan kits .

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    Thanks for the update to the fankit! There are few things I've noticed that appear to be missing:

    Icons - Toops:
    • Miner
    • Electro Dragon
    • Yeti
    • Ice Golem
    • Hog Glider
    • All Siege Machine icons
    • Royal Champion

    Icons - Spells
    • 1 slot Freeze spell (shows as a vial rather than flask in game)
    • 1 slot Lightning spell
    • Clone spell
    • All dark spells

    Magic Items
    • Shovel of Obstacles
    • Research Potion
    • Clock Tower Potion
    • Hero Potion
    Clash Ninja - Upgrade and Stats Tracker - Forum Thread

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    Thank you very much for updating the Fan Kit ^^ !!
    Heeding what you tell us to tell you about things that are missing in the Fan Kit, here I give a contribution .

    Building Renders:

    • BH9

    Troops Renders (Main Village):

    • Some temporal troops, how like Giant Skeleton or Royal Ghost
    • Maybe the new look of Grand Warden

    Troops Renders (Builder Base):

    • Hog Glider

    Heroes Skins:

    • Clockwork King
    • Autumm Queen
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    And who are you? Meh, it does not matter, if you are reading this you must be curious, so here I leave info of me:
    | Spanish Player | TH11 and TH9 account| Co-leader of "Noviembre Rojo" |
    Proposing ideas for the game, be new troops, spells or something bigger ...


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    Just found the music score with this so you can bet I'm doing an arrangement

    Edit: anyone happen to have that in a .xml so I don't have to manually copy it and hate myself for a few hours?
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    Thank you for the renders.

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    Nice. Lvl 10 archer tower and double cannon for the Builder Base

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    is there a font unique from clash of clans?

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    If there is new level of BH some day in future so can we get new GEARUP for home village defence !? That's will be really cool

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