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Thread: A player for 6 years, yet still a rookie!

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    A player for 6 years, yet still a rookie!

    Hello fellow farmers! About 6 years ago I downloaded CoC and I absolutely loved it, I am still playing it to this day. Curious to find out what other games SC had produced, I also downloaded HD and BB.

    I have been playing HD very intermittently over the past couple of years, and I only started giving it some further consideration recently. I just now reached level 34, but I feel overwhelmed by the cost of things. I still need to buy my ice cream maker, now I also need to repair the train platform for the town, and I just managed to get my net maker paid for, which is currently under construction. I also have the ability to build 5 smelters in total, but I have only managed to build 2 so far.

    I just feel I am not making money at the right rate, and I don't know what I can do about it. I am filling my orders as fast as I can, but this does not seem to be enough. OK, to be fair there is this boat, which I never bother with, because by the time I have prepared what it needs, it has already sailed. There is also this derby which I have no idea what it is, I seem to need an active neighborhood to play it and my old neighborhood was dead, so I just recently moved into an active one.

    Also, you know when a fellow farmer in the neighborhood needs help? I see the message in chat, I visit the farm, I see the icon with the exclamation mark on top, I tap on it, and it does not take me to the location help is needed at. It may be the boat, or I may need to water a plant or a tree or something, which God knows where it is in the farm. So far, I just browse the entire farm trying to locate where my help is needed and this is quite annoying.

    Any advice?
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    1. Nearly all orders (walkin, truck, boat and town) pay you less money than selling for full price at the shop.
    2. In a neighborhood, you can ask that anyone who needs help say, in the neighborhood chat, where it's needed.

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    At your level, I suggest that you produce & sell items full price in the shop, everything pretty much sells, exception of corn & carrots, sell these to your walkers . Don't bother levelling up too quick as you won't afford machines for a while. The coins will come eventually.

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    OP, you are what, in Clash language, would be considered as "heavily rushed". Like a th10 with lv3 defenses and can't gather enough loot to upgrade anything.

    Here are a few pointers for you:
    - each item in Hay Day has a coin value and xp value. This is used for boat, town and truck order.
    - in truck order, a percentage is added to one of them andnsubstracted in the other. For example +10% in coin value goes with - 10% in xp value. Trash order that are not benificial to you (skip a base that offers less loot than your training cost)
    - you maximize coin value by selling them in RSS at max price possible. Find what are selling well (not easy to find in newspaper) and keep making them. Beware of ROI (time and ingredient costs)
    - while "unrushing" your farm, keep in mind that everything is optional. You don't need to buy everything you have unlocked. Do your research first whether and how it will help you "unrushing". Otherwise you are creating more and more demand you are not able to keep up with.
    - upgrade your barn and silo.

    Few items that are always in geat demand: animal feed, bread, popcorn, brown sugar, cream, juices, jams. Crops and fruits.
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    Hi. I remember being at around level 40, and feeling stressed. Having to buy machines that I couldn't afford yet. Don't try to level up too fast. Take it slow, so you have time to build up coins for that next machine. Selling anything you make in your road side stand is going to get you more coins then doing orders. I'd advise not doing truck/boats. That will just level you up too fast. As for the smelters....don't bother getting more. Two is plenty for now. Don't worry about having the train station repaired either. That can wait too. Just focus on keeping your machines running, and selling products at your shop. Planting strawberries over night, and selling them at full price is a good way to make coins too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kdrakakis View Post
    Hello fellow farmers! About 6 years ago I downloaded CoC and I absolutely loved it, I am still playing it to this day. Curious to find out what other games SC had produced, I also downloaded HD and BB...

    Any advice?
    First of all, welcome fellow Clasher to the HD subforum. Your name looks familiar, so I checked your posting history and saw that I had responded to your post in the CoC subforum.

    Since several forumites already gave you good advice, I'd like to share the following tip on making coins which I learned when I reached level 50, IIRC. Once I got into the habit of planting and harvesting soybeans and selling them for max price whenever I logged on, I made one million coins eventually. The process is a grind but since we're also Clashers, we're used to the grind and it's one of the reasons we're playing CoC for so long.

    Having enough coins overcomes two obstacles designed by Team Hay Day, IMO.
    1) Buying all machines available at our level
    2) Buying UMs (Upgrade Materials) from our neighbors or the newspaper. Players from low to high levels must buy or earn UMs via in game drops to expand our barns and silos.

    BTW, HD Game Designer Camilla said the following to her fellow developers in a public presentation at Games First London 2019: "Hay Day is basically a game about managing your item storage because it's about having the right item at the right time to fill the right order."

    For those who missed it, I posted about it.
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    Two weeks ago I posted about the ‘economy balance’ between Xp and coins in a complaint that I am about 5 expensive machines behind. I get orders for those machines that I cannot afford to purchase.

    Since then I have done no truck, boat, or walk-in transactions because these types give too much Xp with coins. I have only done road side shop. Yawn. I barely get on the game any more. I haven’t even purchased one machine yet, so just five to go now.
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    Don't worry about your "rookie-status".

    Low level are often supposed to be frustrated about so many things to deal with. As being written, you have to be patient and concentrate on one or two things, not more. If you want to much and everything at once, you will fail.

    I agree with my pre-posters not to serve the ships or the walkers, and also the orders. Exception: There is an event with the double number of coins, or XP. Be aware that you have to be consequent by selling your goods at the roadside-shop. No corn, you have to produce goods which are in demand.

    Do one thing after the other, don't hurry. The town is interesting, when it's fully developed. But this takes time. So relax and ignore the town, until you got further.

    One more advice:

    Don't sell items for barn storage or silo storage, although you could get much money for it. You will regret this because you need these items urgent for the expansion of silo and barn storage.

    In this respect I wish you a good stamina. If you want, you will get it. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eyelashes View Post
    As for the smelters....don't bother getting more. Two is plenty for now.
    If you want to keep your jewelry maker running, you want to have all five smelters running 24/7. Otherwise, don't bother with the jewelry maker.

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