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Thread: HARLEQUINS - #YR8LL22C - Need help! I can't do it alone!

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    Cool HARLEQUINS - #YR8LL22C - Need help! I can't do it alone!

    Looking for friendly members who are active on derbys and trading. I am currently in my group alone but determined to start my own neighbourhood! I have managed to grab myself 1 bronze trophy so far though. Don't mind what level you are as long as you muck in. It will be an English speaking group. I play most days so come and chat and have fun! I am a level 44 currently.
    No need to join a Messenger/Whatsapp group I don't take it that seriously. No need to spend diamonds if you don't want to either. I want a fun relaxed group who like to chat a little too.
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    We made a new group of 3, but we will adding a 4th member soon. Come join us!!


    ‘Promise Land’ is a new NH who is needing competitive players who want to build from the ground, up.

    Promise Land Requirements: ❕

    •Level 45+
    •Must be derby active. 320+. Small task will be trashed.
    •Must have great communication and coordination through discord (an app we use to communicate).
    •Be active, and help others who help you.
    •English speakers.
    •Be able to handle rules and task.
    •Helping and trading is required.
    •Have an active town and contribute on the valley.

    About Promised Land: ��

    •We’re currently a group of 3 who left a group wanting a fresh start.
    •We don’t have metals, because we did just start this new NH, but we’d love if Y O U helped us earn metals!
    •We’re an active, friendly, talkative NH, looking for farmers who’re the same! We’d love to meet you!!

    Promise Lands Rules: ��

    •All we ask is that each player is an active farmer and participates in the derby!
    •Hate and disrespect is not allowed. We want as much kindness, and happiness in our NH as possible!
    •Help with boat and town orders.
    •If you need help to complete task, communicate.

    Promise Land Town Rules: ��
    •Help your friends when they’re needing the help! •Keep your town moving smoothly.

    �� Farm Tag: YGGUV99G
    �� DM me for more info!

    Hope to see your request soon!

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    Still looking for some lovely people!

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    You can still join our group!

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    i requested..

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