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Thread: Relics Global Is Recruiting!! New Mates

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    Thumbs Up Relics Global Is Recruiting!! New Mates

    Hello Mates! We are Relics the new Family in Town!

    Who are we in Brief?

    We are a Family Of NHs but the Fun part is we only have 1 NH under us where we are standing.
    ➪ We Established ourselves from a state with no members to now where we have over 21/30 Members in our Neighborhood and most of these are Playing daily.
    ➪ We brought up our Roster just because we love the Game how it is having a Place for Competition (Derby) and at the same time a place for Having Fun,Interacting With Each Other & all these features are also have existence in big time inside our Neighborhood (NH).Now let's move to the next point.
    ➪ Unlike some Casual NHs we have Our Own Motos and we Live up to them and so does the people who are Associated with us.
    ➪ Along Side our Goals we have our Rules which will be stated later in the Thread.
    ➪ More than 90% of us Communicates in English Language and we find English to be the Key for Communication.

    What are our Requirements?

    ➪ In Order to join us,One must be atleast Level 24/24+.
    ➪ We require,our Members to Complete their Tasks if Opted-In(320-400points) and Trust me with Right Guidance & Help from us you can make it to the end of all Tasks.
    Communication is Crucial & By Communication as Stated above we require our Members to use English as our main Language all the time.
    ➪ We require our Members to be in our Discord Server: for Communication out of the Game.

    What do we bring to the Table?

    ➊ We have a Friendly Toxic Free Community & Environment with People not from one but Different Countries & Places.
    ➋ We have a Big Number of Traders,Town Players,Helpers,Who are waiting for you to join them.
    ➌ We come up with Guidance whether it's the Derby or In-Game Tips required by one so that they don't lose the moment they Enter the Derby etc.
    ➍ We understand what a Player needs and we try our best to Provide it to our Members whether it is In-Game Requests or Help with Game related Stuff.
    ➎ We have our own Fresh Discord Server whose Link is Provided both above & below.
    Discord Server Link:
    ➏ We host Various Giveaways in our Discord Server including Expansion Material Giveaways,So make sure to check us out.


    NH Name:
    NH Tag:
    (Our 2nd Derby)


    What if I am Interested in Joining?

    ➪If you are interested in Joining Us! Just DM Me here or Join our Discord Server & Apply there.

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