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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    This is correct. The replays are not stored as video files as videos require massive amounts of resources to store. However, keeping track of screen taps is incredibly small, resource-wise, which allows us to keep so many replays.

    So when you watch a replay of a game, you're not watching an actual stored video of the match. You're watching your attack/defense in real-time as though a bot were re-enacting the exact same screen taps you did at the same moments in time. Because players do not actually manually control the troops and all events are based on how the game's AI algorithm functions, there is no 'randomness' when watching a replay. What I mean by this is that if you deploy a troop from a certain point on the map, as soon as the troop is deployed the game will immediately know what the end result of that troop will be based on how it will path, how it will interact with defenses, what it will attack, etc.

    So when you watch a replay of that attack, because the game is simulating your exact same screen taps, the game automatically knows how the match will end - it will end the exact same way it did when you actually played it. This is also why the game cannot be continued if you disconnect and reconnect. If you disconnect, the game determines that all of your inputs have finished and it can immediately calculate what the end result was even if the full game hadn't played out on your screen.

    However, because all of these conclusions are based on how the game algorithms function, any change to those functions can alter the end-result of an attack. For example, let's say you deploy a Wall Breaker from the 12:00 point on the map. Based on the game's algorithm, it will perform a certain way and do certain things.

    However, now that we've made a change to that algorithm, the replay may not end up showing the same thing as your attack did. And because that Wall Breaker in the "replay" may not behave the same way, that means where the game recorded your screen taps may no longer be valid because the same parameters no longer apply. That Hero might not be in the same place anymore, or the place you dropped a Rage Spell may not drop on to any troops in the replay.

    So as you can see, changing how the game works can have a cascade effect on invalidating replays. Not only do the troop behaviors change, it could completely invalidate how the game actually played out. So when we make changes to the game's functions, we have to wipe the replays.

    An interesting metaphor for this would be like time traveling but only watching the results.

    You watch someone walk down the street, knowing they're going to get hit by a car and the end of the block. No matter how many times you travel back in time and rewatch it over and over, it will never change.

    Now, you remove a piece of the sidewalk. Something small and insignificant, but it causes the person to slightly alter their walk where they bump into someone. That causes them to fall half a second behind where they used to be, which the end result is they're able to see the car in time and avoid getting hit.

    In both instances, because we're watching from afar, we know what the conclusion of each instance is based on the parameters given. But altering one tiny thing can still have significant consequences.
    Such a good piece of information and this pretty much sums it up right there as it's just reiterating the whole attack again. Thanks, Darian !
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    Sweet. I have been struggling with gaining dark elixer. Im max townhall nine. Im upgrading heroes but Still have dark elixer troops, and this will help balance things out.

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