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Thread: Valley Coins

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    I've done 7000+ tokens and have ~60 fuels left (and done all daily quests). I haven't done a single 550 sun task nor visited any fuel station.

    I've been just hanging around the bottom of the map, near the "HAY" field. There are 3 buildings just one hop from each others and one other 1 hop transition behind the bridge. There are lot's of other options too, so if I see some ~30 token building somewhere, it's usually worth paying 2 fuels for that.

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    Away, for a little while. Will try my best for Lake Timer updating
    At my level 149: got 10 500 tokens moment ago, officially enough for 10 regular + 1 exclusive items .

    One last day for maybe one more item (about 220 green token needed).

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