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Thread: Valley: where are the chickens.

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    Valley: where are the chickens.

    Everyone in my hood has the same complaint. We rarely see any chickens. What happened?
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    Maybe they are caught by others before someone in your hood come online? Can you elaborate? How big is your hood? How many active? What do you do when checking for chickens? How often do you exepct to see chicken?

    My Valley now has caught 106 of them.
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    Whats your valley total chicken collection? Thats the key one so you and your hood not seeing chickens might just be case that someone else in the valley has collected them already mine stands at 80 and me and my hood has only seen and collected 20 ourselves
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    I almost never see any in the first days or even a week, no matter what time I’m on. Then there seem to be more in the second half of the season. It doesn’t matter if there are other people around or if I’m off somewhere largely on my own.

    Not sure whether that is done by the game on purpose, or if others are just rushing to get them and then slow down when many are caught, or something else. ?

    Thanks TerM!

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    Agree there seemed to be fewer chickens, but I did get my 100.

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