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    Abnormally High CWL search time😡

    Our clan's cwl search time fr this season will hit 24 hrs mark anytime now....

    While that is somewhat acceptable, if there's no win-trading or collusion, I should however point it out if SC didn't notice that Win-trading and collusion still happen and I have seen it myslef on many occasions, given cwl is happening only once in a month and not a regular event
    Still, clans get abnormally high scores, some clans set their Joining to Anyone(last cwl)
    So... waiting and waiting but at what cost?
    SC should ban all accounts permanently who are found to be indulging in such collusions and spoiling other's interaction in the cwl feature
    They should release an in-game universal message and make life a little less painful

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    I've never really heard of search times being as long as 24 hours straight. While our clan have usually struggled with times around 3-5 hours but that being isn't much as compared to yours. While war leagues are a completely different and complex system from the ordinary wars as we get to have 7 wars straight with the other clans.
    While your point of mentioning of clans following unfair practices to win, well SC does keeps a look at all these things and these things eventually gets banned. Though this procedure does take a bit longer than usual but these things are definitely into their consideration eventually.

    I hope things gets sorted out soon & i wish you the best in your war leagues !
    Take care & Stay safe.

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    An even better solution would be to hide the clan names until the very end of the season
    As is evident from my experience, once the names get displayed, clans try to communicate with some of the rival clans so More collusion takes place after rather than before the search time

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