Freedom ranch GMT (white cherry with green background) is currently looking for new experienced players to join our neighbourhood we are new neighbourhood and currently have 13 members ranging from level 61-137 we are in the GMT time zone but had been in previous neighbourhood for 3-4 years which had players from all over the world so I know what it can be for people from different time zones.

We are looking for players that complete all 9 tasks at a minimum of 300 (we have always took 320 the option is then their if anyone wants a 318 mining task for example)

If this sounds a good fit for you come and check us out:

-Relaxed Neighbourhood

-Elders upon joining

-Helpful And Friendly Environment

-Able to opt out of derby if you are busy we understand life can get in the way it happens to all of us

-Is a team player and willing to help team members

-Be Polite please donít be rude

-English speaking in the chat only please

-No drama/arguments we are here to have fun

-Say hi,thanks,please

-Itís up to each player whether they complete bingo tasks

-Itís up to each player whether they complete mystery tasks can take normal tasks is they want to

-Arenít required to take bunny tasks burning bunny derby

-Donít have to do any requirements for any special Derbyís apart from complete all 9 tasks with each tasks being a minimum of 300 aiming for 320 per task if possible

-Buying an extra task is optional

If this sounds like it is a good fit for you then please come and join us search Freedom Ranch GMT our tag is Y020YY9J (symbol with white cherries and green background)

We look forward to meeting any new members