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Thread: Miami Kings looking for members TH11+

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    Lightbulb Miami Kings, war clan looking for adult members, TH11+

    Miami Kings are looking for TH11+ members who are looking to fight in constant wars
    We're a group of guys around 30 years old all late TH11 / TH12
    Been playing for ages had a break and started back up recently
    We're active but casual players
    War frequently both normal and CWL
    Also focus on getting max rewards for clan games

    We are almost Clan level 10 so max perks comes soon.

    Clan #8L2CPLC8

    We donate high level troops on request. Most are gold members so no issue with 1 gem donations.

    Ideally if you are TH12+ and could teach us a bit then that would be good
    Otherwise just join for the fun.

    Copy and paste this application and fill it in... Post it below

    Town Hall level :
    Hero levels : BK/AQ/GW
    In game name (IGN) :
    Total War Stars :
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    Still looking for people =)

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