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    Who thought Greg is an actual player?

    Hi guys. I know I might sound a little too naive for you but there was a time that I actually thought Greg is a real player who always offers what I need Realizing that hes an NPC turned out quite disappointed LOL. So, have you ever shared the same thought as mine?

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    I don't know if I thought he was a real player or not but I certainly rushed to buy the stuff he was selling before anyone else could buy them before me. LOL. Then I learned he had stuff for everyone. This was like when I first started playing though and before I'd found the forum to know how Greg worked.
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    ...and because it never gets old, Im going to share this thread with you.

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    He isn't?

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    I still want to know who (really) is decorating his farm!

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    ^^^ yes!

    Wondered that many a time, myself

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    You can watch some of the happenings on Greg’s farm here
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