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Thread: near max th10 looking for a home

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    near max th10 looking for a home

    Hi all, not far from maxing out my th10 base. Really would like to find a US based clan. I am not a 3 star specialist, but really enjoy the game and would like to grow my attack skills.
    in game name: Trajan #LGQCQRQUL

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    Hi, if you are interested in a clan that's friendly and clean chat, please check out our clan Psalms (#QQJJ2CJ2). We do back to back war and participate in clan games and CWL. We are a very relaxed, laid-back clan. If you have any question about the clan, feel free to message me.

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    Hello! We’re friendly, pretty chill but very active and competitive. We are recruiting active TH10+ only. We donate high level troops and machine and give advice if needed.

    Check it out!
    The Darth Vader

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    Check out Wreck’ned Rebel (#2PVLYQU8P), the feeder clan to the level 17 clan Reckoned Rebel (#2RGJVVJU). We are a level 7 clan that loves war (however it is optional), clan games, and CWL. We are in crystal 3 for CWL. We are looking for TH9+, non-rushed players and you fit the bill! If you’re interested, join our Discord server or message me. The link is

    IGN: Coltssuperfan17 (lv155, TH10), Count deMoney (lv129, TH10)
    I reside in Reckoned Rebel and Wreck'ned Rebel. Check out RR! Check out WR!

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    We are awaiting your arival

    We are a clan that is in constant war so you attacking skill will get loads of practice, also if you want any advise on attacking anyone in our clan would be more that happy to help.

    TollyMore Irons is a lvl5 clan currently has 44 members of varying lvl, th and age, generally war is always happening, we always participate in clan war leagues each month.


    We can donate relatively high lvl troops not entirely max lvl but some things can be, we can donate seige, we can help you plan your war attacks if you need help and we can help you improve as a player.

    Clan war leagues are starting in just over 2 days we would like to bulk up the clan with some more strong war players, to give you and us the best possible rewards from cwl.

    I will not patronise anyone who’s attacks in war dont go the way they wanted it to or if they don’t get 3 stars because we all make mistakes. If anyone who attacks or is going to and needs help planning or just doesn’t know how to do it feel free to ask someone will always help you plan your attack, explain an attack strategy or what ever else you require. As long as you attack in war and use all attacks I am happy.

    We do war all the time which’s are nearly always back to back, although there are no requirements to how many wars you have to participate in, it is entirely up to you on how often you do war because we all have lives and things we need to do, and expecting people to be always ready for an attack in war is an unrealistic expectation. Clan war leagues however are not optional attacks and everyone must use all there attacks of there are in it. Just make sure your shield is set correctly to green for in war and red for out of war. And of course red shield for hero upgrades.

    Our town halls vary from th12-th5. Currently we need some more th 12 for seige we do have some but some more would be great as I don’t want to have just a few of them feeling like there constantly having to donate seige to everyone.

    Active daily
    Strong war player
    Not rushed (unless th12+ with high lvl troops)

    To join simply search up the clan or click the link below and join us being the red line in someone else’s war log.


    Looking forward to seeing you soon in TollyMore Irons
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    LVL 16 War/Push clan. non rushed Th11+ Adults CWL #2Y8CUGY9

    Hey there

    We are trying to recruit strong players for next CWL. Also looking for some adults that wants to help out with leadership.

    Looking for active adult players. People in here are super on donation, friendly, and its just a great atmosphere here!

    Birdchests V2 #2Y8CUGY9

    Join if you want to war, throphy push or just chill. Make sure to contribute with donations and be active!

    We are allways getting all the rewards in clan games.

    English speech
    Th10+ Non rushed
    20+ years old

    Hope to see you in there

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    Hey there!

    Feel free to check us out #8RGYP0V2

    sequi debent is a lvl 18 war clan in master league with almost 600 wins and 100 losses ajd only 6 losses in the past 50 wars!!

    If u wanna do cwl u can do it in our feeder clan then hop back to our main

    Always hitting max rewards in clan games

    Just stay active, keep a 1:3 donation ratio, do your best in wars, score at least 1000 in clan games and u woukd fit right in

    If u r interested join our [discord]( right here

    Ps: we r not accepting rushed bases

    Hope u join us soon ✌

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    One Ton Omega is looking for new members!

    One Ton Omega (level 9) (#29GRQ902G): 100+ wins | CWL League Gold 1

    About Us:
    • International Members
    • Back-to-back Wars; Max level donations for war
    • Team Player – family friendly, fun and supportive
    • Mature Clan – kids are welcome, but expected to be mature (mostly )
    • Fair Play - No mod / engineering / rushed

    Looking for:
    • Town Hall 8 and higher
    • Active
    • Respectful
    • Use both attacks

    Apply via Discord, and for more information:

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