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    Post Clan Games balance for all warriors

    Hello COC Team,

    i would like to bring to your attention that its been a long time that i have requested a proper balance in the Clan Games... (coc pseudo = Krsnavic)

    Warriors are being frustrated with other clan mates as they are making their tasks up to the max and other clan mates just have a (50 points task) and have all the achievements.

    this is unfair to them that they use their time and make all happend.

    1. It is team work
    2. Achievements is being executed as per tasks with the deadlines.
    3. Clan warriors reaching maximum points are rewarded, but with a lot pressure so that they have it!!!!

    i would suggest that:-
    1. Clan leaders can set a target as per Clan games started.
    2. Warriors not reaching a minimum Clan Games points would not be rewarded.

    Example :-
    Leaders should be able to set the target. If clan warriors didnt reached a minimum Point = 1000 or 1500 points. They are not rewarded End Of Clan Games.

    we should be able to have the option of choosing Clan Games Points Reward.... Same As CWL we can choose 15vs15 or 30vs30...

    Thank you for you consideration and understanding.

    Infernoland II

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    This has been suggested a lot and itís not going to happen. Itís a clan management issue.

    If you have people doing the minimum to get all rewards and it isnít up to your clan rules / standards then kick them out.

    So many people request this and NOT a single person suggesting this sees how such a system could potentially really backfire badly.

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    Moved to correct subforum and closed as ruled out:

    "Ability to set points threshold required in order to gain rewards from Clan Games or to vary the tier received according to individual contribution."

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