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    Quote Originally Posted by Itsjusmac View Post
    Thank you so much Darian, much appreciated doing that for me. The music scores are pretty epic and get you hyped up.I'd love nothing more than being able to play this while building myself up for some important war attacks lol
    May I suggest listening to "Carmina Burana" composed by one-hit wonder Carl Orff? Here's a link to an inspiring performance of "Carmina Burana".

    As for me, when I'm ready to make an epic attack, my mind plays the final movement from Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, the version performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Fritz Reiner in 1959. And thanks to the RCA sound engineers, this performance by the CSO will stand the test of time, IMHO.

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    I bet failing to triple hurts a lot more after listening to one of those songs! The higher you are, the harder you fall!

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    sounds like a piece of Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt :P
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