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Thread: Most fun TH level for mini account?

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    TH9 is great fun and prob my fav, however TH10&11 are great and really start offering more some attacks varieties.

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    The most fun for me is a hyper rushed th13 account. I like seeing it grow and destroy accounts that were made years before it. However, usually once the account starts to mature, I start to get bored of it.
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    Speaking as a disillusioned war fanatic, I'm enjoying my fairly fresh TH11 most. I've got a mature 10 almost ready to upgrade too.

    I log into my 13's and my 12 mostly just to donate to the smaller accounts these days. Drop an update and I'll be interested enough to Max my heroes again but not much else. TH14 might be enough to get me grinding again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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