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Thread: Competitive but relaxed

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    Competitive but relaxed

    Kind, Courteous, Self-Sufficient? Check out Phoenix Farmers #8QVCVCGL.
    Champions League, Adult Only, NH with experienced, multi-national players.
    We love to derby but we don't love pressure. If real life gets in the way, no problem, just opt out.
    If opted in, 9 x max points, required - 10th optional, your diamonds, your choice. We don’t require tasks to be completed quickly (everyone has their own way of playing) so we always get all possible horseshoes, bingo lines, bunnies etc and place most of the time.
    If you are looking for a relaxed place to play with nice people, dm me ��
    Discord - @JanE
    Kik - JanetS31
    or here ��
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    What is your neighborhood name?

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