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Thread: Second time pushing a Th-7 need clan

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    Second time pushing a Th-7 need clan

    Previously pushed my TH7 account to 3300 trophies before going to Th8. I have a purely dedicated to Th7 trophy pushng account now and need a clan that can help fund me with balloons
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    Hi I am 5 year experienced competitive player I am very happy with you joining my clan I have recently just made I will give further information if I you reply have a good day and hoping to play with you

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    Hello! I am extremely shocked that you've scored 3300 trophies before moving to th8.Thats great.I am leader of a clan that is just created 4 hours ago and recruiting players like you.I don't know if you are interested or not but let's just give it a try and help build this clan so far!!!

    Here is the link

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