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Thread: Fully Max th13 and buddies looking for a new clan

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    Fully Max th13 and buddies looking for a new clan

    Me fully maxed th13 + th12 mini for troops
    Brother th12 non rushed but not max and he sucks in completive wars
    Buddy 1 maxed th12 no plans on going up any time soon
    Buddy 2 maxed th11 no plans on going up any time soon

    We come from a usa master league 1 clan but it is slowly dying.
    We are looking for American pst clan. Doesn't need to be hardcore war clan as we are more laid back but being active is the import thing. We cool moving around during cwl week but need to stay together the rest of the time.

    If you think we may fit with you let me know. Thanks

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    I would love to have you three in our clan. My bother and I run in with a few friends and a solid number of members. We are also very lenient about wars if you prove activity

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    Hi ,greentower, you can surely join my clan , you three can join my clan, clan name; M3MARVEL, tag; 292YUGQYC , but our clan is in India, language: English , we are proud to have you guys.
    Add me as you friend guys :tag ; ygro8vgll
    Thank you

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    We are a group of 6 clans, we’re searching for all types of players and can hopefully find a clan that’ll suit you!

    Clan 1: Warrior’s
    Level 10
    Cwl: ⚔️ Masters 2 ⚔️
    ⚔️ Competitive Clan ⚔️
    War log 77-15-1
    Experienced attackers only, NO E DRAG SPAMMERS

    Level 15
    Cwl: 🔥 masters 3 🔥
    Adults only

    Clan 3: “BAKEMONO”
    Level 14
    Cwl: ⚡⚡⚡crystal 2⚡⚡⚡
    💪Active strong war clan 💪

    Clan 4: StrawHatPirates
    Level 13
    Cwl: 🤖 crystal 1🤖

    Clan 5:🍻 DHARAVI🍻
    Level 10
    Cwl: 🛑Gold 1🛑
    War log: 119-28

    Clan 6:📢 illwhackyurtree📢
    Level 15
    Cwl:🚨 Crystal 1🚨
    War log: 249-119-1

    Alliance discord where you can get in contact with all the leaders and apply for the clan of your chosing, Discord:

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    Masters 3 Clan:

    Hunter X Hunter, a mostly adult war clan, is currently recruiting more players, TH11+. If you are active daily, do base / hero upgrades constantly, and like to war often then we may be a good fit for you. We are a zero drama clan that enjoys winning, but don't lose our minds if we don't. It is a game after all. If you are the type of player that logs on once a day to collect resources, then we are not for you.

    Discord is required for all new members. Nothing fancy needed, just a great way to communicate instead of relying on in game mail.

    English is our preferred language, but we have people from all over the world in our clan. We have both men and women in our clan, so respect for the opposite sex is required.

    War schedule:

    Monday spins: Heroes must be available, opt in or out as desired.

    Wednesday spins: Heroes must be available, opt in or out as desired.

    Friday spins: Fun war, heroes can be upgrading, opt in or out as desired. War log might take a hit, but it keeps everyone active and involved.

    Some basic requirements:

    - Participate in war from time to time. We war 3 times per week, but it's not required.
    - Opt out of normal wars if a hero is upgrading or if you're too busy to participate
    - Use both attacks in war ALWAYS
    - Donate correctly when you can to help others (No set ratio, just help out)
    - Achieve 1000 points in clan games each month
    - Follow war directions via in game mail / Discord
    - Most importantly....... BE LOYAL!

    Please apply in game, with the message "Forums" in your message or send Diggler a friend request if you are under the trophy requirement. Rushed bases with under leveled heroes will be denied. Thanks all for your interest.

    Clan Link♥

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    Strong Level 19 war clan, chilled but competitive.

    We have over 400 wins - war log recently had been terrible hence the change of management... we have a solid group of around 40 members... looking for people mainly to CWL and games... normal wars 3/4 times a week.

    The clan is a former top 200 UK clan.... top 400 world clan!

    Family clan

    District 13 - main clan #288RVJJ

    District 13 has been running for 7 years, although we are chilled we are competitive, working in Master Leagues for CWL our goal for this year is to hit the Champions league.

    We have recently merged clans with Pick Yer Poison, bringing on a clan of this quality into our family will ensure success.

    Pick Yer Poison - Sister Clan #LJJPVVLY

    Level 17 established war clan... the clan operates CWL also to ensure our 70 members get the medal rewards... TH11s and below should apply here...

    District 13.5 - Feeder Clan #2Y000GQQU

    Training Clan - TH7s or rushed bases are managed here until they upgrade and move to our main clans.

    Apply through our discord server or message me on here!

    Ares God of War

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    Feel free to join us😄.. Add me #LGJVR8R2

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    PFF Family of Clans|

    Adult Clans & Server Only♥♥♥♥♥ 18 plus

    12 clans to choose from

    Recruiting both Competitive and Casual players for our many clans.

    We offer league clans and farm clans. Pick your poison. Looking for serious competitive wars with league breakdowns? We have that!!!♥♥♥

    Want Casual farm wars that are laid back and chill? We have that too!!!

    Want a active social environment? Our discord’s always active and poppin.

    Come check us out!!!

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    We are a very friendly clan that does back to back wars, that are entirely optional although if you are in war you must participate. If your shield is green you could be out in war if it is red you will not be put in. We would love to have you in our clan, you would be a great addition, and we hope to you all here soon.

    TollyMore Irons is a lvl5 clan currently has 44 members of varying lvl, th and age, generally war is always happening, we always participate in clan war leagues each month.

    We can donate relatively high lvl troops not entirely max lvl but some things can be, we can donate seige, we can help you plan your war attacks if you need help and we can help you improve as a player.

    Clan war leagues are starting in just over 6 day we would like to bulk up the clan with some more strong war players, to give you and us the best possible rewards from cwl.

    I will not patronise anyone who’s attacks in war dont go the way they wanted it to or if they don’t get 3 stars because we all make mistakes. If anyone who attacks or is going to and needs help planning or just doesn’t know how to do it feel free to ask someone will always help you plan your attack, explain an attack strategy or what ever else you require. As long as you attack in war and use all attacks I am happy.

    We do war all the time which’s are nearly always back to back, although there are no requirements to how many wars you have to participate in, it is entirely up to you on how often you do war because we all have lives and things we need to do, and expecting people to be always ready for an attack in war is an unrealistic expectation. Clan war leagues however are not optional attacks and everyone must use all there attacks of there are in it. Just make sure your shield is set correctly to green for in war and red for out of war. And of course red shield for hero upgrades.

    Our town halls vary from th12-th4. Currently we need some more th 12 for seige we do have some but some more would be great as I don’t want to have just a few of them feeling like there constantly having to donate seige to everyone.

    Active daily
    Strong war player
    Not rushed (unless th12+ with high lvl troops)

    To join simply search up the clan or click the link below and join us being the red line in someone else’s war log.


    Looking forward to seeing you soon in TollyMore Irons

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    Hey PJ Happy Hour meets everything you're looking for, not much more to say really, master 2 and would be great to have you come join us


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