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Thread: Rustic Nails: The home you never knew you needed🏠

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    Rustic Nails: The home you never knew you needed🏠

    Rustic Nails is recruiting th8 and above!!

    We are semi-active at the moment, but would get more active as more people join. Back to back war clan that is very lenient on rules. If you canít war/donít want to, thatís ok! Just set war sign to red or green. We love to teach attack strategies, and are always looking for people to help with clan games. Hereís a little bit more about us:

    Clan Tag: #LGPRVCYR
    Clan Level: 12
    Clan War League: Gold 1
    Location: United States (but not limited to)
    Wars Won: 171
    Wars Lost: 73
    Wars Drawn: 2

    Rustic Nails is a great place to learn and grow, as we accept multiple town hall levels. Give us a try if you want to eat often and get awesome rewards like Clan Games and Clan War League! See you there!!

    -Clan Leader: Stet 10

    (If you have questions, you can private message me)

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    Nov 2015
    How often do you guys war??
    Can I come? Let me see if you guys are OK for me.
    I'm a TH8

    TH10 (rushed)
    Wadrel 2 (for donation purposes)

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