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Thread: Clan Games QOL for Clan Leaders

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    Clan Games QOL for Clan Leaders

    I often request tools to assist clan leaders.

    One very minor change would be on the clan listing in clan games, extend the list just a bit to show also the players who have not yet taken any tasks. In particular, in the post clan games listing extend the list to players with 0 points.

    Right now I place two devices side-by-side, one on clan games achievements and a second on the clan roster. I then start at the top of the clan roster and go down the list, scrolling up and down the CG list trying to figure out which 6 of the 48 members are candidates for the boot.

    Useful for a larger clan with some turnover.

    Small clans might be able to work out the bench warmers very quickly. A fifty player clan of max TH13 that scores 200k every month would not need it. For any of us in the middle this could be a useful assist.
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    Has my vote!

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    This is a great idea. We usually only have about 1-5 or so accounts not doing any challenges (tend to be someone's mini), but would be nice to verify at the blink of an eye, instead of having to scroll through different lists to figure it out.

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    Yep, I like this too.

    Don't forget some clan members may not be able to do clan games - either too low TH or have already done a challenge in another clan.

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    and +1

    That's a really good feature for improving the Clan games experience . It would be easier to do clan management and select the people who should be kicked out, making the incoming CWL and the roster sound fit and active beforehand .

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    Quote Originally Posted by rowman View Post
    Has my vote!
    Mine too🙌

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    Completely agree. I responded to a similar thread a few days ago suggesting that the players who attempted a challenge and failed show the 0 like it does now, and players who are eligible but have not even started a challenge show a "-". This would differentiate who at least tried vs not and gives a 100% view of how many members can participate in CG. As players leave the clan, they come off the Clan tab list, and as players join, only those eligible (TH level or they didn't already start in another clan) show the "-" until they start something in your clan.

    The other thing that SC should change is allow the Clan tab to be visible after games are complete so we see the final points scored by everyone to make any roster management decisions based on CG performance

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    +1 for OP's idea, but I'd also vote to extend the idea to include all people who contributed points but left the clan.

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    Sounds good to me, not just for leaders, but so everyone can see who is slacking.
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