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Thread: Looking for a neighborhood

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    Looking for a neighborhood

    I have 2 farms level 53 main and a second farm level 32. I do max derby tasks at 320 points (I wont spend diamonds on the extra task). Looking for a neighborhood that unlocks all horseshoe rewards in derby and is active.

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    👉👉We want you!! 👈👈
    Momma nanas gang, MNG, is currently seeking derby oriented, hard working, helpful new friends to join our NH. We are a 320/400 task only NH if you participate in the derby, which is optional! Just dont park your farm, this is hayday not monopoly, no free parking here 🤷. We are all town active too! Want to chat? Great, jump on in.... Want to play in peace, that's cool too! We are a simple fun loving NH looking for you to share our NH with!

    NH tag: 8Y9GRRLQ
    Tell em boogie sent ya 😉

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    Hi. You may be interested in our hood for your main farm :
    Kind, Courteous, Self-Sufficient? Check us out.
    Champions League, Adult Only NH with experienced, multi-national players (UK/Europe/USA/Canada), levels 56-257.
    We love to derby but we don't love pressure. If real life gets in the way, no problem, just opt out.
    If opted in, 9 x max points, required - 10th optional, your diamonds, your choice. We don’t require tasks to be completed quickly (everyone has their own way of playing) so we always get all possible horseshoes, bingo lines, rabbits etc and place most of the time.
    If you are looking for a relaxed place to play with nice people, dm me ��

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    I have a new NH and iím looking for serious derby players🐷🐽, currently itís only me and one another person in my NH, so iím looking for new members..
    I take hay day derbies seriously and if people donít play 3 derbies in a row i kick them out.
    Everyone becomes an elder after first completed derby!
    Currently im in blue rank of derbies but my goal is champions leauge ) so if you are willing to help here are my NH infos:
    Name: LilíDer Bi
    Tag: Y2JJ99G8
    Required level is 40!
    Type: i am looking for helpers, traders, derby focused players, you need to be nice/chatty!
    Hope you join🐮🐷!

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