We are a start-clan but now trying to recruit members to help become a active and serious war clan!Where we can grow as a clan by earning rewards by either clan wars,clan games and war leagues.

We want to make our clan a respectable,competitive and relaxed clan with easy going girls and boys and will be willing to help each other however we can,whether it is y giving attack strategy tips or donating troops when needed!


Clan tag: #2YL22CPYY

Clan type: INVITE ONLY

Whom we are looking for?

Players who are extremely interested participating in wars,clan games and war leagues.

We are recruiting players who are non rushed and focusing on a single account.

You must be 15 years or older to join the clan.You must specify your age when you send your request to join.You will be removed if you are acting overly immature in chat or in wars.

We do not want players who keep their opt out(war preference).Wars are not optional, it is compulsory.

Let us take some time to read war rules and other requirements.


BE ACTIVE: We want an highly active clan.We are looking for members who are active in donation,war and off course in clan chat.We will remove inactive members at the end of the every season.If you are not interested in chatting.Say "HELLO" if you pop on to let us know you are active.

DONATION REQUIREMENT: In order to ensure to an active enviroment, we require 50-100 troop donation per season.Players who are unable to do so will get demoted or even get kicked out.

What can i donate?
High level troops are required for war requests.Otherwise, you can donate any level troops for farming/raiding requests.This gives our lower level players opportunity to donate.

We do war twice a week and left other three days will be some promotion,demotions and clan discussions. The first of the week will start monday night 8:50 pm India timezone.Second of the week will start friday same timing.

There is no rule that you attack only in the given time, you can attack anytime but it will be better attacking in someones guidance.

Use both attacks in war-using Both attacks is very important.You will be removed from clan or booted from clan for repeadtedly not using both attacks.

- We will never kick or berate players for failed attacks.We want you to learn from your mistakes,ask questions, try new attacks etc.

- War bases are assinged and you will be asked to follow instructions.

- We do not take players whose heroes are down or upgrading.(below townhall 7)

- You will be expected to use your both attacks, using attack strategy that fits for you and gives you best chances of 3 star attacks.

Promotions are given to players who abide by our expectations.Do not ask, just do your part.Efforts given in war, clan games and war leagues will get you there faster.

If you have decided, then move forward and give us a look.Just be very sure to mention "FROM FORUMS" or use code "ALL IS WELL" when requesting.

We look forward to clashing with you!