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Thread: Why I think there won't be a builder hall 11

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    Why I think there won't be a builder hall 11

    I do not know if there will be a builder hall 10. But I do believe that Builder hall 11 is not possible because there is too much upgrading to add for the clash of clan developers. I'm sure they will run out of ideas for adding details to a defense/troop/hero/buildings. That's why I think they Only added 6 different types of upgrade difference instead of 9 for the lava launcher. I had an idea that when your builder hall reaches to level 35 then It is able to be send to the main base which is a great idea, However according to this guys Thread It states that People hate builder base because people with multiple accounts can’t keep up which is true knowing that I had 4 accounts plus my brothers dead account and my main account, Then I immediately gave up on having six accounts because I could not deal with builder base. In conclusion, many people with multi accounts hate builder base, you only get ONE builder but TWO in Builder hall 9, two levels added to troops for each builder base plus 5 visual changes for some levels, and a new level for every building for each builder hall level, plus a new defense/troop/building for each builder base. And this is why I think there might not be a Builder hall 11 or up. These are my ideas for Builder hall 10 if you would want to see them.

    Defense idea (Giant Firecrackers)

    Troop idea (Electro Wiz)

    New hero ability/Troop spawn ability idea

    New hero idea (flying machine)
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    If builder hall 11 is there then the troop level will be 22😱😱😱

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    I agree with what you're saying about the builder base hardly being liked by many people. Even some people in my clan go over there occasionally for clan games, events or rushing to get the 6th builder.

    I personally enjoy the builder base and I'm active on it daily.
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