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Thread: LVL20 Adult B2B WAR CLAN looking for MERGER

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    LVL20 Adult B2B WAR CLAN looking for MERGER

    We are a Lvl20 B2B War Clan looking for another War clan willing to merge into ours. We've been around since 2013. Currently we have 20-25 active members and a few inactives that will get the boot to make space for newcomers.

    We are looking for active players that want to war back to back. We need people who know how to attack or at least are willing to learn how to 3 star bases.

    We always max clan games.

    If your clan is interested pm me for more information.

    Check us out at #2P2PP9PP. Lost Patrol
    ZEN AZAZEL / Leader @ LOST PATROL lvl 20 War Clan, TH 13 - 2535 war stars

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    We are in a similar situation on Pirates of Old (#92Y22YQU). Take a look and let us know if you guys are interested.

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    We are looking for members to join our family of clans we have an open door policy within the group... Check us out - we have about 70 active member across 2 clans with a brand new feeder just set up.

    Main clan #288RVJJ

    Thanks Ares

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