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Thread: Current Valley Season

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    Current Valley Season

    So disappointed again for the second Valley Season in a row. Again my tokens being put in my Piggy Bank. I resent having to pay to access tokens I’ve earned. I looked forward to The Valley since it and The Derby are the only ways I can get Expansion Permits. These seem much harder to obtain than back in the day when Land Permits were the only “documents” required to expand our farms. Is there a good reason I should reconsider my decision to abandon this Valley Season? Thanks for your input.

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    The tokens that go into Piggy Bank is not deducted from the amount you see when checking an order.

    It's like the extra the game save for you, with paid access in case you want to buy a second prize from exclusive shop.

    If you don't plan to buy from exclusive shop but only the permits, you wouldn't need the extra tokens waiting in Piggy Bank.
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    So if I understand you, the tokens for an order are placed in my Wallet and additional tokens are put in my Piggy Bank. I do try to get the diamonds. Thanks.

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