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Thread: 319 Pineapple task

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    319 Pineapple task

    One of the tasks to complete our bingo row is a pineapple task. The pineapple task has a bug so that it is not a 320 task, but a 319 task. Even if we continue to delete tasks, the bug with the pineapple task prevents us from getting max derby points. Very annoying that this is not fixed!!!

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    The highest point pineapple task reported by wiki is 319.

    There are other threads reporting no 320's for other items as well:

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    It's not a bug, it's just the way the numbers round out with the point scale. There are multiple tasks that don't have a "320" option available at all. Watermelon and Sesame are two others. We had sesame in one of our bingo rows but just avoided it.

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    It's the same with the watermelon task! One of our bingo task was supposed to be a watermelon task, we only got 319pt watermelon task...never got a 320 pt one.
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    I’m guessing there’s a formula...we’ve had a crop task in the bottom right corner the past few times that maxes out at 319.

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