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Thread: Th8 - I search active clan

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    Th8 - I search active clan


    I am a very active player since a few weeks. I already have TH 8 and still growing fast.

    My account: #LVQPVLJRR

    I look for a very active clan in clan wars, events, donations,... That makes it easier for everyone to grow faster.

    I am 33 years old, so I prefer to find a clan with adults (if possible).


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    Want a friendly clan?
    Want a clan to show your skills in war?
    Want donations?
    Want to learn strategies?

    Then no need to worry. Just type the tag [#2PC8R889Q] and join our clan.
    We are a lvl 5 clan
    There is no need to three star in war, just try your best.

    We are growing very fastly and wants you to contribute in our journey.
    if you are unable to join pvt msg me your player tag

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    Please join our clan saint warriors we are currently in gold 2 but we'll go up we are currently recruiting th7 and above for clan games when the games end it will be th 9 and above we are filled with experienced players we always complete clan games.You get max donations and you can improve yourself. The tag is #2Y2CLPQ9P

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    Feel free to join us😚.. Add me #LGJVR8R2

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    Garde9 clan

    Hello my friend i am looking for member for league please join me iam active

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    We cater to lower townhalls. Our wars are Th9 and lower. We max CG. We are always looking for new, active players.

    Direct link to D'age Land:


    We look forward to clashing with you!

    Py (#2VGQ8YC)
    Leader of D'age Land
    Two Stars Kill Wars

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