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    Came on to see if I had any more response to my previous thread and it disappeared. Found it in clan talk group. Supercell sure doesn't want discussion about the worthless"tool" here when more people will see it.

    I guess I will just give up. Can't maintain an active clan theses days unless you are constantly online. "Tool" now is full of players already in clans. And unless I can chat with them I'm not into poaching players. Did get an active player yesterday. Of course he didn't speak English.

    This has to be more than a "clan talk" issue! It has to be a community problem!
    This tool is useless and i think any improvement in it will still leave it useless. They should dump this and bring some more realistic thing for recruiting, like live recruiting similar to global but without chat. Atleast interested players/clan will be shown there.
    Quote Originally Posted by MrMotator View Post
    Or is COC really that dead?
    Well not so many players are active now (even none of my friends) as compared to old days of 2016 when coc was at peak.

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    There are clans who are doing great through word of mouth advertising (apparently), clans that apparently get a lot of attention in the tool - those are the ones with the members who still are defending the 'tool' here ....

    Then there are clans that are actively recruiting outside of the game - and apparently some succeed

    And then there are a whole lot of very frustrated people in clans that for instance have a different language or other requirements that all fall outside of the "AI algorithm" or "leaning mechanism" of this 'tool'.

    I think we can simply conclude that SuperCell doesn't care about this 'feature' - because with the data of people who have been checking and searching with it for months now is very clear: the thing doesn't know what 'learning' means and it surely, totally, definitely is NOT working as we were told it would.

    I'm also wondering if it's worth trying to do anything with it or about it, or just throw in the towel ... clinging on to shreds of half truths and innuendos without any real information can only last for so long ... there is a time where even those little terriers who kept on having faith or belief that something would actually change, let go
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    The only thing it has learned from what I can tell is what th range I am looking for.

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    Well I guess I got my answer! My last thread was lumped into this thread and "edited by ajax"! Guess I should delete the forum from my phone. I will trudge on as long as my friends list lasts. It's half dead now. Sure no way to make new friends. And just making enemies here!

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