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    Getting more and more frustrated

    I'm at the point to really considering of stop playing with CoC. The last couple of months I rarely tripled a base in cw or cwl (I'm playing in champ 3 with my clan).

    The last couple of weeks a lot of my attacks are 1 star fails. I really don't get it... I try a lot of strategies, but I can't seem to find a balance for myself.

    Is it because the game is too hard for me and my brain is too stupid to follow? Because SC looks more to progress CoC as a pro game? I feel like casual players are getting more and more frustrated (I'm in several clans with several TH levels and a lot of casual TH 13 players in those clans are complaining about it).

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    Yes if you are playing in Champion league you will find skilled players as opponent
    And in clan wars if your roaster has all th13 max then opponent will be no lower skilled

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    My experience was the same, last few weeks, maybe 5 or 6, my attacks were getting worse. My guess is, defence is caught up (and overtaken possibly) attack as more people have upgraded their defences.

    I think 3 stars is a real skill in legends - I see people do it and acknowledge that I clearly just don't have the skill - I think my max trophies was 5400 - and just practiced making sure I could do solid 2 star attacks. But that got boring hence I decided last week it's time for a break for me until the next update. Don't want the game to become boring and then completely lose interest after 5 and a half years, so thought it best

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    Players at champ league will be more maxed and will have different base designs. Try sticking to 1 strategy and practice with it.

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    Mean while i went 6 for 8 on regular war yesterday had 1 time fail which was 97%
    2 were on a fresh 13s(12 max) and i believe they had scater hit them with my fresh 13(12 max obviously)maxed troops rc was lvl 5 aq 67
    I believe 4 hits were on fresh base and maxed just yes may be i got lucky idk i generally end up getting 2/3 triples from 6 hits
    ignore it now
    Here is what might help you
    Yes its get tough sometime even my clanmates are complaining sometime about game being tough even i feel it sometimes
    If you can hit legends try to go as high as you can thats what helps to improve attack coz youll see lotta new bases there(except for lower legends)
    Youll learn how to adapt and if you have multiple accs try using same army on all that helps a lot obviously having alternatative army helps but try to master atleast one army (not to pro lvl but still)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaganzza View Post
    Is it because the game is too hard for me and my brain is too stupid to follow?
    Or you can say other way, game is not balanced and troops are low. Why people complain about their brain when humans are the intelligent species 🤔
    Quote Originally Posted by Vaganzza View Post
    Because SC looks more to progress CoC as a pro game?
    I think yes.
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    Yes, I fully agree with you, and recently I wrote two rather long posts myself about the same issue. Reception from the forumers was mixed, I have to say.

    One must be a glutton for punishment to play this game in its present state. Balance is perfect for a handful of top pro players but awful for everybody else.

    We need to make SC aware of the issue, while respecting all players (pro and casual, maxed and non-maxed etc.) While, I am sure, we all recognize that ranking should reflect skill, the gap between pros and everybody else is just huge. Who is this game intended for? Just a handful of aficionados who fight it out among themselves oblivious of everyone else? Or is the game truly intended for every single one of the millions of its players?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kdrakakis View Post
    ..Who is this game intended for?..

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    In champion league it is very very difficult to 3 star as the bases are tricky to crack
    The game is balanced as in August qualifiers there were perfect war.
    Let's see what will happen in September qualifiers

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    I used to triple once in 16 legend attacks may be. I am heavily practicing now. Previously, I used to stick 1 strategy / legend day and found less success. Now I changed, sticking to 1 strategy for entire 1 season. Next season, will practice a new strategy.
    Yep , I find it difficult. I try to watch my replays and try to correct.
    May be one day, my success rate will improve.
    War is somewhat ok for me,as I get some time for planning.
    But in legends, that short time, I can't able to plan well. I need to improve that.

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